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Debs Good
Workplace Interior Designer

I am a highly experienced workplace designer, with a strong focus on product specification and interiors. My particular expertise lies in leveraging furniture to maximize productivity and efficiency for office workers. Through close collaboration with the end user, I carefully listen and observe the specific needs of both the company and its staff. I am thrilled to showcase my work and invite you to explore my portfolio to witness the successful outcomes I have achieved through meticulous design and attention to detail and love of colour.


I take pride in my approach to each client as unique and tailored. I have a comprehensive understanding of manufacturing processes, allowing me to advocate for well-crafted and ethically-produced products that prioritize longevity. Please explore my recently completed projects in my portfolio to witness the individualized solutions I've delivered for clients, which reflect my fresh and customized perspective.

In today's changing landscape, especially with the influence of the pandemic, offices have undergone significant transformations. Employees now seek spaces that cater to their diverse needs, whether it's for quiet focus, virtual meetings, or collaborative work with colleagues both inside and outside the office. This shift has sparked numerous projects as employers recognize the importance of creating spaces that draw employees back to the office.

Football League 
Stockley Park

Approx 14,000 sq ft over 1 floor

Total floor re-design

Implementation of high & low collaboration areas, quiet working, games area & team areas

Bespoke design of storage to incorporate frames and standing football shirts and footballs

Lighting designs to work with the brand

Bespoke design of screen for displaying 

Branded artwork

Real Estate Property Portal
London, Milton Keynes & Newcastle

London, Soho Square

Approx 21,000 sq ft over 5 floors

Meeting room re-design x Qty 9

Open plan re-design of desks, lockers & breakout 


Milton Keynes 


Approx 18,000 sq ft over 2 floors

Meeting room re-design x Qty 11





Approx 9,000 sq ft over 1 floors

Open plan re-design of desks, lockers & breakout

Kitchen and dining area

Drinks Brand
Covent Garden

  • Approx 2,400 sq ft over 2 floors

  • Meeting room re-design

  • Re-working of desk configurations

  • Specification of furniture for all areas

  • Specification of acoustic solutions throughout

Media Company
Great Marlborough Street

  • Approx 2,400 sq ft over 2 floors

  • Meeting room re-design

  • New acoustic desk screens

  • Specification of furniture throughout

Investment Company